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About us

Hey girl! I’m Jane Hill.

I am the owner and creative designer behind The Frankie Collective. 
With a love for literally all things weddings + design, you can see why I had to put my skills to work and therefore bring life to The Frankie Collective. 

Established in 2016, The Frankie Collective has evolved from my personal experiences as a bride in 2010 when do-it-yourself weddings were all the rage… oh so many regrets! I pride myself on working alongside brides to go beyond the traditional, and endeavour to create bridal fashion pieces, stationery and signage that reflect the contemporary, modern bride. Whilst we are based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, the nature of my business allows me the flexibility to work with brides nation-wide, offering an experience like no other. 


 The Frankie Collective endeavours to create bridal fashion pieces, stationery and signage that reflect the contemporary, modern bride.

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My People

Family is the most important part of my life. I decided to take this business in this new direction in order to simplify it all a little bit and to allow me the freedom to continue to be a full time mummy to my two little boys, Elijah & Benji. My husband, John, is my number one supporter and always has my back.
That’s what we’re about.

Age: 29…almost the big 3-oh!

Obsessions: puppies, ponies, renovating, indoor plants + tea!


My Puppy

Puppies…what can I say…ours is just the best! Our golden retriever, Summer, is my little side-kick. She is the most loyal and friendly dog, and usually you can find her napping right under my desk.
Summer often features in our insta stories… cos let’s be real, you probably want to see more of her cute face than mine!

Age: 7

Obsessions: napping, food (all the food!), sticks + rolling in the grass

My Pony

This one is for all the 90’s loving peeps who raced home from school in time to watch The Saddle Club… I see you! Horses have always played a massive role in my life. My passion came from my dad who used to run a horse-drawn carriage business for weddings…blog post on this to come! My parents always supported my dream to ride and from a very young age I always had at least a handful of my own horses to ride and compete. We currently only have one little pony, due to my family commitments, but another big horse is definitely on the cards…watch this space!


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